Best Onpage SEO Techniques in 2018

Best Onpage SEO Techniques in 2016

Website owners must Best Onpage SEO Techniques because Every website owner who has a blog their first dream is to build an engaged viewers that leaves comments, shares the published content. But now, many bloggers struggle when it comes to build their targeted traffic. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the main formula to get organic search traffic for your site. SEO is changed in every year because Google changes their updates.If you want to optimize your website or blog posts there are two factors that plays the big role in SEO. These two issues are On-page optimization and off page optimization.


Importance of Onpage SEO:

This is On Page Optimization which is considered as the very first steps of SEO to rank your website in Google Search Engine. Onpage SEO techniques generally help you to improve your search engine optimization, including page titles, descriptions, Meta tags, internal linking. So, Today I am here to share with you some onpage SEO Techniques in 2016 that can help you to rank your website in Google Search Engine. If you want to make it easier for a search engine to recognize what Keyword your blog should rank for onpage SEO will also help you to do that.


Why Onpage Optimization:

This article will help you to write the more search engine friendly article. Actually, the Search engine is nothing but a set of algorithms.Search Engine looks into the various issue to rank your webpage or website for certain Keyword. When we do search engine optimization for our post, it means that we follow some techniques to rank higher in the search engine. But now Google doesn’t only consider Onpage SEO score, but it also looks into many factors like backlinks, Domain Name, domain authority, page authority, Social media marketing, and off page factors. Our main target is to write SEO optimized content so that Google can easily focus on it.


Best Onpage SEO Techniques in 2016


Here is the best Onpage SEO techniques:


1. Improve user-experience: First of all you should ensure your visitors coming from search engine spend a lot of time on your website. If they use back button quickly, the chances of your ranking will drop quickly. So try to improve your user experience for your site. If you write long content for your website you should learn copywriting technique at the first time to ensure users stays on your page.You should always use sub-heading tag to make your content more attractive.

2. Blog Post Title: A standard Blog Post Title plays very important role for On-page SEO. Blog posts Title will help search engines to show your website in the first page. You always make sure you are using your targeted keywords at the beginning of Title tag. You should not repeat the same keyword in title tag because this is not good for Onpage SEO. You must  keep limit title characters length to 40- 65 Characters to get better rankings on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

3. Post Permalink Structure: Permalink structure of your URL generally make your blog post more users friendly at all. You should always make your blog post’s URL for search engine optimized. You should aim at your targeted keywords at the beginning of blog post URL. Google always give importance for permalink. It is considered as the best On page SEO technique at all. Remember you should always avoid using stop words, special characters, symbols, comma’s in your post’s URL.You should remember to follow an attractive permalink instead of random strings in your permalink in fact.

4. Heading Tags: You should always use heading tags like h1, h2, h3 and h4 etc to highlight many headings, sub-headings and important points of your article. So you do not need worry about to use any h1 tag in our blog post body section. But remember you should not repeat H2 or H3 tags too many times because this is not Best SEO Techniques in 2016. Try to make your headings bolder and use attractive font.
5. Keyword Density: Keyword Density plays very important role for Onpage SEO especially. You must try to keep the keyword density to up to 1.5% in your Blog post and use your main keywords once in first paragraph and then in the last paragraph. You can use bold, italic and underline to highlight important keywords in your blog post.

6. Meta Tags: You should include unique and appropriate Meta keyword and Meta description for your blog post. Always remember that you should always use your use targeted keyword in the Meta keyword section and Meta description. This is very important for On page SEO. You should simply create a Meta description tag that work as a summary for your Article. You should keep Meta description length to 160 characters. You should write some user friendly Meta description tags for search engines friendly.

7. Addition of Images in your post: Image optimization is the most important factor and it always helps a lot in getting traffic from image search engine. You should always alternative keyword and image title after inserting images for your blog post. This will help you to make your blog post more focus and targeted at the same time. Always try to add more multiple images to your blog post. This is very important for On page SEO. You should also add targeted keyword as part of image name, image alt text. You should insert unique and optimized images for your blog post because big size images will slow down your blog speed and will finally drop your blog rankings at the same time. In 2016 Google is starting to give very importance for website loading speeds. This is one of the best rankings factor.

8. Main Content Interface: You should create blog posts carrying minimum 700 words at all. If it is possible for you should write longer and unique blog posts. Moreover, if you write natural post, your topic would be of great length at the same times. Note that there is no boundary or exact number for lowest word count for On page SEO optimized posts.So ideally you should keep it more than 700 words.

9. Content Interlinking: Content interlinking plays very important role for On page SEO especially. You should always link out to correlated blog posts from your blog to send additional traffic to them. In fact Interlinking of blog posts will naturally help your blog readers spend more time on your blog. But you don’t need to overdo it. While linking out to your own blog pages, you should only use keyword rich anchor text.Because this will help the linking posts for performing better on Google and other search engines. Also, try to keep difference while internal linking but don’t confuse Google with two similar post for same target Keyword at the same time.

Dear viewers, I think you have got very clear concept about the Best Onpage SEO Techniques in 2018. You can know more about SEO Important Factor from here. I think this will help you to get advantages from Google and get organically traffics from the internet. Thank you very much for reading my post.


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