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Top 10 Trends in SEO for 2018

Top 10 seo trends 2018

Since search engines became commonplace, it has been the goal of content creators on the internet to try and use their algorithms to get the content from their sites at the top of the ranks. However, the rules that we use to reach the coveted first page of Google’s results are often changing. You can also read SEO important factor.

Top 10 Trends in SEO for 2018:

Top 10 seo trends 2018

To adapt with these changes, you need to know what they are. So, in this article, we are going to look at the top 10 trends in SEO that you will see in 2018.


1. Voice Search Will Become More Popular


With the rise of devices like the Amazon Echo, it’s no surprise that voice commands are starting to control the way that we use search engines. Google has already noted that 20% of mobile searches are voice commands and that number has the potential to grow exponentially.


What does this mean for SEO, though? Well, the way people type in a search is much different from the way that they talk. As such, the SEO phrases and keywords that are used online must now be tuned to suit the way someone would verbally ask a command rather than just the keywords they might type. This is especially relevant when crafting long-tail keywords.


2. Mobile Searching


A concept that is both compliments and outdoes voice-controlled searches is the use of mobile devices for searching. In the modern world, it is simply more easy for most people to use their phones to search things on the go rather than sit down at a computer every time they need to find an answer to a question. In fact, nearly 60% of search queries come from mobile devices.


To make sure that your site ranks on mobile, you need to make sure that your site is mobile-friendly. To do this, you can use a tool like a website auditor to assess the properties of your website.


3. Short Answers


The truth is that in today’s world, we are used to short, quick answers. This means that we are more likely to pay attention to the fastest, most straight-to-the-point answers available. In fact, Google recently found that about 30% of the answers found on Google are found in these featured snippets rather than users clicking on full articles.


Anymore, this usually means using the answers that Siri or Google Assistant read back to us instead of sitting down to sift through a full-length article. For those crafting online content, this has led to more carefully crafted article descriptions. In addition, though, it has also resulted in the creation of shorter form content such as SEO-optimized Q&A content.


4. More Focus On Visual Media


As we move away from long-form written word, we also move toward visual media like videos and infographics. This means that the technology that we use is evolving to recognize the content of visual media the way that it already recognizes the content of written media.


The switch to visual media means that content creators will have to work to optimize this type of content. The obvious optimization is to carefully craft descriptions, titles, and tags. However, you can further prepare media like videos for search engines is to take extra measures like inserting transcripts (which would include keywords) and making sure that the rest of the page that the video is on is optimized if it is on your own website where you can more easily control the content surrounding it.


5. Faster Is Better


As earlier entries in this article suggest, most people are concerned with getting the answers to their search queries as quickly as possible. This is more than just simple formats and clear answers, though. Another thing that can boost your ranking in a search engine is how fast your website loads. You can use tools like Pingdom to test the loading speed of your site.


6. Secure Websites


To be considered a secure website, a website must obtain a secured website certificates (SSL). You can easily discern if a website is secure if it has an “https” leading its URL.

Once upon a time, not being a secure site didn’t mean much – your site would lack the “https” and a browser like Chrome might show the user a warning that the site wasn’t secure. Now, though, search engines like Google have updated so that if your website is unsecure, your content will be pushed down the rankings no matter how optimized your content is.


7. Social Media Use


When you are optimizing your content in 2018, you need to think beyond how Google or Bing will rank your content. In addition, you need to think about how your content will come across on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. This means that you will need to play to hashtags # and create titles that will generate clicks to package great content.


8. Personalized Searches


When someone uses a search engine, the results usually don’t just depend on the words they type in. In fact, many search engines use other factors such as the user’s location, search history, and interests that they’ve shown.


Of course, you can’t really do much about user’s search history. However, you can combat this by getting ahead. Your goal is to get to unbiased users’ clicks which will make you a preferred option in the eyes of search engine personalization.


9. Create Relevant Content


With the increase of SEO, many websites used a technique of overstuffing keywords as its landing page builder. However, search engines are getting smarter. Google is updating itself, in particular, to recognize the difference between content and filler and it now tends to force useless filler further down the rankings in favor of actual, well thought out content.


10. Make Sure Your Content Is Factual


If there is one phrase that has been dominating the internet lately, it’s “fake news”. In response, many search engines are using AI to check for false information. Of course, this is a new and difficult thing that search engines are trying to do but they are, nonetheless, attempting to stamp out false media. As such, it is best to try and steer away from the controversy entirely by making sure that your content is optimized with true facts and maybe even supported with some reliable backlinks.


Basic Components Of An Internet marketing plan

Basic Components Of An Internet marketing plan

In this article, I will discuss about the Basic Components Of An Internet marketing plan. The Internet is one of the components of the information technology. It has become the major tool for business marketing too. Any business wants to survive and want to compete must have its Internet presence nowadays. Most of the business knows it, and they have already taken steps to be on the Internet market. However, not all the businesses are very successful with their Internet presence. Main cause if this is the lack of proper Internet marketing plan.

Basic Components Of An Internet marketing plan

Basic Components Of An Internet marketing plan

Three basic component is necessary to make a successful Internet marketing plan. These components are as follows:


Determining the goal

Determining the goal could be the first marketing components to the business. You have to set what you want to achieve with your online presence through a website. If you do not have a target, you cannot archive anything. You must set a target. You must determine the possible time to achieve your target. You must chalk out the tasks to be done each day to achieve your target. Finally, you must stick to the routine. Target of Internet success cannot be achieved over night. Consistency is the means of success here.


Market Analysis

Analyzing the Internet market around that particular business is necessary. You have to see what and how your competitors are doing in the Internet. Collect as much data as possible and analyze the data to assess their position. You have to visit their website to see and understand how they have set up their campaign. What are the issues missing there? What are the issues you can exploit? Your competitors are your best guide to make you a successful marketing plan.


Set up a Marketing Strategy

Setting up a strategy is the next important step. You have to set up strategy to achieve your online goal. You have to take and implement strategies to stay ahead of your competitor at the Internet. This is one of the most important marketing tips. One issue is to be noticed here. You must set your marketing strategy according to your strengths.
You will never be successful unless you judge your strength properly. You can include the issue that you do not have expertise. Sometimes it becomes necessary for the competition’s sake. You have to outsource these types of issues. You have to plan your budget carefully and in advance. Once you set up a marketing plan you have to stick to it until success shows up.

If you are not an Internet marketer, and have a thorough knowledge in the Internet marketing, it is highly unlikely you can take appropriate steps to fulfill the three marketing tips. In that situation, you should hire an Internet marketing consultant to formulate your marketing strategy.

It is to be noted that, making a marketing strategy is not enough to be successful in the Internet. You have to prepare a workforce with appropriate professionals to implement the strategy.

Your strategy must be updated constantly to coop with the ever-changing scenario of the Internet marketing.

Now you know the most important elements in setting up an internet marketing plan, go out there and start building your business with confidence. One of the best ways to achieve this is to get the right internet marketing plan training that will take years off the learning curve.

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domain names

Top High PR Dofollow Social Bookmarking Website list 2017


Top High PR Dofollow Social Bookmarking Website list 2017

Dofollow Social Bookmarking WebsiteWhy I have collect Top High PR Dofollow Social Bookmarking Website list 2017?  A few days ago I have got some comment in my website and there most of the readers have write thus for your SEO Important factor. Now read :- 

  1. I want to know Top High PR Dofollow Social Bookmarking Website list 2017
  2. I need High PR Dofollow Social Bookmarking Website list because I need to bookmark my website.
  3. I need a fresh list of Social Bookmarking Website list because I have seen that most of the list are hasitrated.

By regarding their needs, I have create a Top High PR Dofollow Social Bookmarking Website list 2017 for you. Hope this list will be helpful for you. If you face any kind of problem then just let us know by comment. I shall try to resolve the problem as soon as possible.


1Pinterest                                http://www.pinterest.com/                   9
2Book Marker                         http://www.bookmarker.work/9
6Link World http://www.linkworld.us8
7Easy Book Solutionhttp://www.easybooksolution.com8
11Web SEO Expert Services     http://www.webseoexpertservices.com/7
17Madeinusa Directoryhttp://madeinusadirectory.org/5
19Arizon Avalue Shuttlehttp://www.arizonavalueshuttle.org5
20Iesahttp://www.iesa.co                                    5
21What is Your Moohttp://www.whatisyourmoo.com/
78Recovery songhttp://recoverysong.info/3
80Saintpierreandmiquelonnews http://saintpierreandmiquelonnews.info3
100Cyber Pleahttp://cyberplea.com/3


Now lets we read How does helps us social bookmarking website in seo before reading – 

Top High PR Dofollow Social Bookmarking Website list 2017

Dofollow social bookmarking sites play a very significant role for improving search engine position of your site as well as your blog posts. The high page rank dofollow social bookmarking sites will help you to increase the page rank of your website.

First thing you should know that, Google page rank is not frequently getting updated for last few years, but it is always good to be ready with high quality backlinks. You should not forget the amount of traffic these social bookmarking sites that can send you on a regular basis.

Mainly, our social sharing activity is incomplete to a few common social bookmarking sites and we really miss a lot of possible traffic from the additional social bookmarking sites. But, if we need a really good position for a particular blog post we have to create a lot of quality backlink to that article and these social bookmarking sites becomes really useful to get quick backlinks.

Sometimes it isimpossible to visit all these sites and post each article because it consumes our valuable site. On the other hand, we should certainly try to cover all the high page rank social bookmarking sites so that your blog post gets a boost rapidly.

In this post I have collected more than 100 social bookmarking sites which will help you in the success of your site or your blog post. I think you will find this list helpful.

Before you continue to submit your site to the social bookmarking sites, you need to know that if you do too much of spamming in those sites by updating too many links repeatedly. In this case your website may get banned by those social networks. You need to be patient to submit your links carefully.

So, try to do it correctly and make that you submit valuable content from other sources.Because it will help you to boost your credibility and increase your follower base as well as make new connection with other bloggers.

If you are not capable to submit your article to all the sites mentioned in this list, you need to make sure that you submit it to at least Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Scoop IT, Tumblr, Storify, Delicious etc. You can also use some automated tools to perform that.

Before you start going through the do-follow social bookmarking websites mentioned in this list, I would recommend you to use a quality social sharing WordPress plugin on your website.It will make it easy for the users to share your content on the social media website. The news shared by the visitors will keep your content active and fresh with the desired traffic from those social media websites.

You need to remember that a good number of social shares will be very helpfulfor your content to get good position in the search engine like Google, Being etc because the search engines give a lot of importance to the social signal at all. I would suggest you to use a good plugin like Monarch as your social media sharing option because this plugin will offer you all modern features, a number of different placement choicesand great design of sharing buttons.

Another important thing is that you do not forget to optimize your images for social sharing; if you use a plugin like Monarch you can simply optimize the images inside your blog posts. When a user hovers on the images they will instantly see the sharing buttons which they can use to share the image with sites like Pinterest. This will help you to get more traffic.

Disclaimer: All the bookmarking sites mentioned in the list are not do-follow and many become no-follow from do-follow which are not tracking frequently. So, you need to check it yourself before using the site and always make sure if the site is dofollow. I have tried my best to go through all the sites again to ensure that the sites listed are working and removed the ones which are not active all the time. Moreover, many of the sites have become no-follow in recent times. However, we trust irrespective of it is dofollow or nofollow, the sites will support you to drive some traffic to your online business.We have tried our best to brows each site and also check if they are working fine and have a page rank value at the same time. Top High PR Dofollow Social Bookmarking Website list 2017

Conclusion: Overall, these social bookmarking websites will certainly improve the search engine ranking of your site and help you to get a good number of traffic frequently. As mentioned above, you should make it easier for your visitors to share your content on social media websites ehich will help you to even progress the search engine position and ultimately get a lot of visitors from search engines like Google. I think you have got the clear idea about this article. Thank you.

Best Onpage SEO Techniques in 2018

Best Onpage SEO Techniques in 2016

Website owners must Best Onpage SEO Techniques because Every website owner who has a blog their first dream is to build an engaged viewers that leaves comments, shares the published content. But now, many bloggers struggle when it comes to build their targeted traffic. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the main formula to get organic search traffic for your site. SEO is changed in every year because Google changes their updates.If you want to optimize your website or blog posts there are two factors that plays the big role in SEO. These two issues are On-page optimization and off page optimization.


Importance of Onpage SEO:

This is On Page Optimization which is considered as the very first steps of SEO to rank your website in Google Search Engine. Onpage SEO techniques generally help you to improve your search engine optimization, including page titles, descriptions, Meta tags, internal linking. So, Today I am here to share with you some onpage SEO Techniques in 2016 that can help you to rank your website in Google Search Engine. If you want to make it easier for a search engine to recognize what Keyword your blog should rank for onpage SEO will also help you to do that.


Why Onpage Optimization:

This article will help you to write the more search engine friendly article. Actually, the Search engine is nothing but a set of algorithms.Search Engine looks into the various issue to rank your webpage or website for certain Keyword. When we do search engine optimization for our post, it means that we follow some techniques to rank higher in the search engine. But now Google doesn’t only consider Onpage SEO score, but it also looks into many factors like backlinks, Domain Name, domain authority, page authority, Social media marketing, and off page factors. Our main target is to write SEO optimized content so that Google can easily focus on it.


Best Onpage SEO Techniques in 2016


Here is the best Onpage SEO techniques:


1. Improve user-experience: First of all you should ensure your visitors coming from search engine spend a lot of time on your website. If they use back button quickly, the chances of your ranking will drop quickly. So try to improve your user experience for your site. If you write long content for your website you should learn copywriting technique at the first time to ensure users stays on your page.You should always use sub-heading tag to make your content more attractive.

2. Blog Post Title: A standard Blog Post Title plays very important role for On-page SEO. Blog posts Title will help search engines to show your website in the first page. You always make sure you are using your targeted keywords at the beginning of Title tag. You should not repeat the same keyword in title tag because this is not good for Onpage SEO. You must  keep limit title characters length to 40- 65 Characters to get better rankings on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

3. Post Permalink Structure: Permalink structure of your URL generally make your blog post more users friendly at all. You should always make your blog post’s URL for search engine optimized. You should aim at your targeted keywords at the beginning of blog post URL. Google always give importance for permalink. It is considered as the best On page SEO technique at all. Remember you should always avoid using stop words, special characters, symbols, comma’s in your post’s URL.You should remember to follow an attractive permalink instead of random strings in your permalink in fact.

4. Heading Tags: You should always use heading tags like h1, h2, h3 and h4 etc to highlight many headings, sub-headings and important points of your article. So you do not need worry about to use any h1 tag in our blog post body section. But remember you should not repeat H2 or H3 tags too many times because this is not Best SEO Techniques in 2016. Try to make your headings bolder and use attractive font.
5. Keyword Density: Keyword Density plays very important role for Onpage SEO especially. You must try to keep the keyword density to up to 1.5% in your Blog post and use your main keywords once in first paragraph and then in the last paragraph. You can use bold, italic and underline to highlight important keywords in your blog post.

6. Meta Tags: You should include unique and appropriate Meta keyword and Meta description for your blog post. Always remember that you should always use your use targeted keyword in the Meta keyword section and Meta description. This is very important for On page SEO. You should simply create a Meta description tag that work as a summary for your Article. You should keep Meta description length to 160 characters. You should write some user friendly Meta description tags for search engines friendly.

7. Addition of Images in your post: Image optimization is the most important factor and it always helps a lot in getting traffic from image search engine. You should always alternative keyword and image title after inserting images for your blog post. This will help you to make your blog post more focus and targeted at the same time. Always try to add more multiple images to your blog post. This is very important for On page SEO. You should also add targeted keyword as part of image name, image alt text. You should insert unique and optimized images for your blog post because big size images will slow down your blog speed and will finally drop your blog rankings at the same time. In 2016 Google is starting to give very importance for website loading speeds. This is one of the best rankings factor.

8. Main Content Interface: You should create blog posts carrying minimum 700 words at all. If it is possible for you should write longer and unique blog posts. Moreover, if you write natural post, your topic would be of great length at the same times. Note that there is no boundary or exact number for lowest word count for On page SEO optimized posts.So ideally you should keep it more than 700 words.

9. Content Interlinking: Content interlinking plays very important role for On page SEO especially. You should always link out to correlated blog posts from your blog to send additional traffic to them. In fact Interlinking of blog posts will naturally help your blog readers spend more time on your blog. But you don’t need to overdo it. While linking out to your own blog pages, you should only use keyword rich anchor text.Because this will help the linking posts for performing better on Google and other search engines. Also, try to keep difference while internal linking but don’t confuse Google with two similar post for same target Keyword at the same time.

Dear viewers, I think you have got very clear concept about the Best Onpage SEO Techniques in 2018. You can know more about SEO Important Factor from here. I think this will help you to get advantages from Google and get organically traffics from the internet. Thank you very much for reading my post.

Top level Domain


We know that domain is the name of a website/blog. A top level domain (TLD) is considered as the highest level in the classified Domain Name System on the web. Top level domain is generally connected in the root zone of a domain name server (DNS). It is the last part of a domain extension. The top level domain is

generally organized into three parts. These are Country, Categories and Multy-0rganizations. One can easily choose the best top level domain by registering a domain name. You can find the best suits of your business and website by choosing a Top Level Domain. At first let’s know about the classification of Top Level Domain.


Top level domain


Classification of Top Level Domain:


There are various types of top level domain. Here are some classifications of it.


.COM: Com is the most common top level domain extension of the world. This is normally related with for-profit businesses. Almost 70% people of the world prefer to select this domain.


.INFO: Info is the most popular domain extension. If you want to create information or education related website this top level domain extension will be very perfect for you.


.ORG: Org is the short for “organization”. This top level domain is generally used for nonprofit and generous organizations around the world.


.NET: The Net domain extension is related to online businesses and startups. If you have a business in the internet Net domain will be the best choice for you.


.BIZ: Biz is the short form of “business”, this  domain extension is associated with for-profit businesses and companies at the same time.


.CO: Co is the most popular domain extension which is very popular now. This domain is used for the company.


.ME: This domain extension is really great and used for personal blog, resume or a personal website.


.US: Us is the country based domain extension related to the U.S.A domain. This domain is getting very popular day by day.


.TV: TV domain extension is very ideal for businesses related to television; this domain is generally associated with sites that contain a rich media experience such as video, audio or streaming on the internet.

See all top level domains and their price from here.


Benefits of using Top Level Domain:


We can get a lot of benefits by choosing a Top level domain. A top level domain is SEO and SMM friendly and has the new marketing opportunities. Here are some benefits of a Top level Domain.


One of the biggest attractions of a Top level domain is their potential for branding commitments. The new top level domains are no doubt a differentiator, which can easily associate a company or business with a particular location, subject or ambition at the same time.


A new Top Level domain names is the boost they can easily give to search rankings and web traffic. Moreover country based domains will rank your website higher for customers living in or visiting that location.


A top level domain usually has an unlimited selection of website domain names to market. This will clearly communicate the brand for expressively less than the price of a high traffic. It can also be used for product branding.


I think you have got the right idea by reading this post. If you like my posts please share it. Thank you very much.

Domain Name


If you want to create a website, you must need a Domain and Hosting. Before create a website, I think you should have a clear Idea on Domain – Hosting which you will use. Here I shall try to discuses on domain name. Now let’s we know – 


What is Domain Name?  




Definition of Domain name: Domain name is an IP address which represents a physical point on the web. It is a part of the (URL) that usually expresses a domain name where to forward a request for a Web page. A domain name generally ends with an extension of 2 or 3 characters at all. These characters can indicate the country the website address is connected with or the sort of organization. A domain name discovers an organization or other object on the Internet. Here is the example of a domain name- www.itinfoworld.com

A Domain name easily locates an Internet address for “itinfoworld.com” at Internet point and a specific host server named “www.” The “.com” part of the domain name redirects the purpose of the organization. This is called the top-level domain name. The “itinfoworld” part of the domain name describes the organization or object and along with the top-level is known as the second-level domain name. The second-level domain name usually records to and can be thought of as the “readable” version of the specific Internet address. Domain names generally operate under the Domain Name System (DNS), which is basically known as the address book of the Internet.


Kinds of Domain Name:


There are various types of domain name. You don’t need to memories all of the below. Here are the types of Domain Name.


Top Level Domains (TLD):


Top Level Domain is the highest level in the DNS configuration of the Internet. There are numerous types of TLD’s. Here are some classifications of it.


Country Code Top Level Domains (ccTLD):


Two letter domains normally recognized for geographical places; for example: .bd signifies Bangladesh. When originally selected, usually only citizens of a country could record their corresponding ccTLD; But at present a few countries have permitted parties outside their shores to register website names at the same time. In the case of bd domain names, the registrants must still be Bangladeshi or have registered business interests in Bangladesh. The strict registering suitability criterion for bd name has meant .bd is still powerfully related with Bangladesh and has raised a great deal of trust and sureness in local online customers all over the world.
Internationalized Country Code Top-Level Domains (IDN ccTLD): A top-level name with a particularly encrypted format that permits it to be displayed in a non-Latin character set at all.
Generic Top Level Domain (gTLD ): The well-known generic Top Level Domain name include (.com, .info, .net, .biz, and .org). These can be simply registered by anyone. Moreover, some of the new gTLD’s more lately released have numerous restrictions.


Top Level Domains have some various other levels. Let’s know about them.
Second level Domain: Directly below a TLD in the DNS. Example:  .com.bd
Third level Domain: Directly below a second level in the DNS directory: Example: knowledgeworld.com.bd
You will realize the difference between second and third level domain name if you see this example carefully.

For example: –

itinfoworld.com is considered a second level domain and 

itinfoworld.com.bd would be categorized as a third level domain.

I hope you have got the clear idea of domain name. Now I will discuss about sub domain.


Subdomain Name:


A subdomain is considered as a second website. A subdomain usually has it’s own unique content, but there is no new domain name present there. You can easily use a current domain name and change the www to another name at the same time. The subdomain name looks like this –  Subdomain.domain.com , help.domain.com, knowledge.domain.com etc.  
I think you have got the clear idea by reading this post. you can buy top level domain from Global Webs Host. If you like my posts please share this. Thank you very much.

SEO Important Factor

Most Important Factor in SEO

SEO Important Factor 

If you are a website owner or you have any business you should know the most important factor in search engine optimization. This is very effective to promote your online business. SEO is any set of plans which is designed to recover your website’s ranking in an online search at the same time. Numerous sources ascribe varying standards to such strategies, but most SEO experts decide that the following methods are important at all. The Content should be well written, pertinent, engaging, and frequently efficient. Title, Meta description, and header tags should require terms that accurately reproduce site content at the same time. URLs, or website addresses, should be short and should contain pertinent keywords.


SEO Important Factor

You should be alert to one of the factors that always cause a website to be punished in search engine rankings: Content which lacks depth and substance and that uses keywords excessively at the same time.

Most website administrators, webmasters are always careful about that search engines companies are continually refining their products to prize websites with high-quality content and penalize those that disregard these simple, self-evident principles at the same time. However, it’s surprising how often one still comes across thickly keyword-laden, uncooperative content that is intended for search engines, not human beings, to read.


SEO Important Factor 


This method to SEO is akin to that of a retail establishment that provisionally offers free products or services or that positions attractive, scantily clad models at the store arrival for a particular promotion. These methods certainly encourage customers but they always have nothing to do with the standard quality of the products or services; once the perks and the hotels go away, will customers come back at all. By the similar token, if you want people to arrival to your website, provide them what they actually want and what they want should be what you have to offer actually, not distracting diversions. The amount of content varies widely contingent on what that is, but excellence is constant: Website content should be clear, concise, and informative at the same time. One should compare the following paragraph from the about page for ABC of EDU Tips with the one after that, which imitates what I would probably write if I were unlucky enough to be an SEO gratified creator rather than a writer at all:

IT Info World knows that English-writing skills are very essential to your success at all. If you are an attorney, manager, or student, you just need to write English well. Try to read our tips about how to write English better at ABC of EDU. At ABCofEDU.us , we will show you how to write English well, so use correct English spelling and punctuation, and just use the right English words. Try to bookmark Daily Writing Tips now for the best English-writing method.” One paragraph always tells you what you need to know about. The other makes you want to shriek. It isn’t relaxed. It’s the data. It is really designed to be read by a machine. Try to design your content to be read by people at the same time. I think you have got the clear idea about this topic. Thank you very much.

Smart Nano Drone


At present, Drone is the most amazing discovery of science. Drone is generally known as aerial a vehicle which is controlled remotely. OneAGoFly is now offering now to order drone from them. They offer you Palm-sized drone with GPS and high res video camera to auto-follow where you want. This drone is really easy to use.  The drone has intricate Design and unbelievable Capabilities. Moreover there are some amazing features in this drone which make you happy.

Smart Nano Drone

Smart Nano Drone


High Resolution camera has been included on it. It can easily takes photos & videos comparable to iPhone 6s with 15 megapixels and 1080p, HD, 30 FPS video. Even you can use the first Smart Nano drone to track location easily from your smart device and records on the go via WiFi connection. This Drone generally use intelligently & instantly maneuvers around walls and trees using built-in infrared technology. There is also good Control navigation system which easily set up auto-follow sync photos and videos instantly whenever you want. You can also easily takes off from your palm with one button activation and easy UI to maneuver. Moreover  ONAGOfly outperforms in its category and provides 15 mins flight time. This Drone can automatically take pictures when smiles are detected or you can easily capture those moments worth saving. One can easily turn on the auto-follow mode to record every moment of your movement if you want. It is also possible to capture special moments without stepping back to take the photo using this Drone. It can use automatically synchronization technology to take photos and videos to your smart device and also sharing the moments seamlessly. Setup is also really easy just need to Power Up then Start App and finally Ready to Go. So don’t forget to order it from them.

Visit http://www.onagofly.com to know more.

Thank you very much.

What is PDF and How to create it?

how to create pdf

I have decide to discuses all parts of and section of IT in this website. For this, I have divided several parts so that a reader can find it easily. – as Hardware, Software, Information Technology, Software tutorial and money making section.

In this section I shall discuss about Computers hardware and software introduction and utilities.
Now I shall discuss about a very popular and useful software PDF. So lets we know:


What is PDF?

The elaboration form of PDF is “Portable Document Format” . it is a file format that has captured all the document of a printed document as an electronic image that you can view, navigate, print or forward to anywhere. It was invented by Adobe Systems (a worlds famous software company) and perfected over 20 years.


Why we use PDF?

We use PDF because it is very Reliable and the smooth exchange of ideas and information. All kinds of people like Businesses and government agencies around the world use it as a standard format for exchanging documents more securely. You can also use its security features, like password protection, it can help prevent people from accessing, copying, editing, or printing PDF documents. So it is trusted.
It is Searchable — When you need to find a particular word or phrase in it, it’s easy to search text and metadata, including scanned text that was converted using optical character recognition technology. Simple to sign — Virtually anyone can electronically sign PDFs using free Adobe Reader software or Adobe Reader for mobile.


How to open pdf file or view 

To view this document for use, you need a software named “Acrobat Reader” or other pdf reader.It is a open source software so you can easily free download. After download this software install it on your pc or laptop. Then all pdf files will be viewed automatically. To use this document, just double click on PDF file.


How to create it?

It is very easy task. Because many pdf creator software are avail avail. you can download it for free. As for example, we can take the name of a famous pdf creator software named ” dopdf “. It is a free software.


Now I shall discuss How to create pdf by software?

Please follow this steps to make your document as PDF.
Step 1: Simply open that document which you want to create pdf. It may be a word document, web page, jpeg or any kind of printable document.
Step 2: Then click on Print or click [Ctrl+p] form your keyboard.
Step 3: A new selection box will appear in front of you. Now select “dopdf” from here and click OK. this screen shot will be thus.
Step 4: A new window will appear, Now click OK button from here. Now your pdf will show processing. It may take a few seconds or a few minutes. It will depend on your document size.




After finishing this task, you have successfully create a pdf file.
To download DOPDF software go to www.google.com and write “DOPDF download” download link will appear in front of you.
PDF files are created using Adobe Acrobat , Acrobat Capture, or similar products.

Free software download.

Different between Dynamic and Static website.

Different between Dynamic and Static Pages

You all notice that there are many old website which is static. But now a days most of the website are create dynamic way. So before create website, you should have the knowledge of dynamic and static website. Now I shall try to discuss about the Different between Dynamic and Static Pages.

What is Different between Dynamic and Static website ?


Different between Dynamic and Static website
The difference between dynamic versus static web design pages is how content is presented to the browser as the visitor navigates to a page on your site. A web design built with static pages has files in html or xhtml, and perhaps a style sheet, that are stored on the server. The browser accesses those files and the page displays. Static pages are also called client side generated pages meaning they display using just the browser software on your pc.
A web design using a dynamic technique of page creation has contents stored in a database on the website server that are assembled and displayed at the moment a page is accessed. Each page in the custom CMS web design system is dynamically generated each time a person requests that page. Dynamic pages are also called server side generated pages, and the technical setup issues commands to take a custom cms web design template and fill-in the content for the requested page.
This allows clients to create content in plain text that the CMS system will dynamically assemble to generate the page web design as xhtml with css. The conversion of your plain text to xhtml takes place without the site owner learning custom website design using xhtml code.
We can create this kind of with various kinds of programming language like HTML, PHP, Python, ASP and so on.
You can also create your dynamic website website without having  any kind  of knowledge of programming language. Yes, We call it CMS system.
Now a days, CMS (Content Management System) is a very popular way to create dynamic website. And popular cms is wordpress.
Here I shall try to discuss all the system step by step.
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