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In this section I shall discuss about Computers hardware and software introduction and utilities.
Now I shall discuss about a very popular and useful software PDF. So lets we know:


What is PDF?

The elaboration form of PDF is “Portable Document Format” . it is a file format that has captured all the document of a printed document as an electronic image that you can view, navigate, print or forward to anywhere. It was invented by Adobe Systems (a worlds famous software company) and perfected over 20 years.


Why we use PDF?

We use PDF because it is very Reliable and the smooth exchange of ideas and information. All kinds of people like Businesses and government agencies around the world use it as a standard format for exchanging documents more securely. You can also use its security features, like password protection, it can help prevent people from accessing, copying, editing, or printing PDF documents. So it is trusted.
It is Searchable — When you need to find a particular word or phrase in it, it’s easy to search text and metadata, including scanned text that was converted using optical character recognition technology. Simple to sign — Virtually anyone can electronically sign PDFs using free Adobe Reader software or Adobe Reader for mobile.


How to open pdf file or view 

To view this document for use, you need a software named “Acrobat Reader” or other pdf reader.It is a open source software so you can easily free download. After download this software install it on your pc or laptop. Then all pdf files will be viewed automatically. To use this document, just double click on PDF file.


How to create it?

It is very easy task. Because many pdf creator software are avail avail. you can download it for free. As for example, we can take the name of a famous pdf creator software named ” dopdf “. It is a free software.


Now I shall discuss How to create pdf by software?

Please follow this steps to make your document as PDF.
Step 1: Simply open that document which you want to create pdf. It may be a word document, web page, jpeg or any kind of printable document.
Step 2: Then click on Print or click [Ctrl+p] form your keyboard.
Step 3: A new selection box will appear in front of you. Now select “dopdf” from here and click OK. this screen shot will be thus.
Step 4: A new window will appear, Now click OK button from here. Now your pdf will show processing. It may take a few seconds or a few minutes. It will depend on your document size.




After finishing this task, you have successfully create a pdf file.
To download DOPDF software go to and write “DOPDF download” download link will appear in front of you.
PDF files are created using Adobe Acrobat , Acrobat Capture, or similar products.

Free software download.


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