Smart Nano Drone


At present, Drone is the most amazing discovery of science. Drone is generally known as aerial a vehicle which is controlled remotely. OneAGoFly is now offering now to order drone from them. They offer you Palm-sized drone with GPS and high res video camera to auto-follow where you want. This drone is really easy to use.  The drone has intricate Design and unbelievable Capabilities. Moreover there are some amazing features in this drone which make you happy.

Smart Nano Drone

Smart Nano Drone


High Resolution camera has been included on it. It can easily takes photos & videos comparable to iPhone 6s with 15 megapixels and 1080p, HD, 30 FPS video. Even you can use the first Smart Nano drone to track location easily from your smart device and records on the go via WiFi connection. This Drone generally use intelligently & instantly maneuvers around walls and trees using built-in infrared technology. There is also good Control navigation system which easily set up auto-follow sync photos and videos instantly whenever you want. You can also easily takes off from your palm with one button activation and easy UI to maneuver. Moreover  ONAGOfly outperforms in its category and provides 15 mins flight time. This Drone can automatically take pictures when smiles are detected or you can easily capture those moments worth saving. One can easily turn on the auto-follow mode to record every moment of your movement if you want. It is also possible to capture special moments without stepping back to take the photo using this Drone. It can use automatically synchronization technology to take photos and videos to your smart device and also sharing the moments seamlessly. Setup is also really easy just need to Power Up then Start App and finally Ready to Go. So don’t forget to order it from them.

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