Different between Dynamic and Static Pages

You all notice that there are many old website which is static. But now a days most of the website are create dynamic way. So before create website, you should have the knowledge of dynamic and static website. Now I shall try to discuss about the Different between Dynamic and Static Pages.

What is Different between Dynamic and Static website ?


Different between Dynamic and Static website
The difference between dynamic versus static web design pages is how content is presented to the browser as the visitor navigates to a page on your site. A web design built with static pages has files in html or xhtml, and perhaps a style sheet, that are stored on the server. The browser accesses those files and the page displays. Static pages are also called client side generated pages meaning they display using just the browser software on your pc.
A web design using a dynamic technique of page creation has contents stored in a database on the website server that are assembled and displayed at the moment a page is accessed. Each page in the custom CMS web design system is dynamically generated each time a person requests that page. Dynamic pages are also called server side generated pages, and the technical setup issues commands to take a custom cms web design template and fill-in the content for the requested page.
This allows clients to create content in plain text that the CMS system will dynamically assemble to generate the page web design as xhtml with css. The conversion of your plain text to xhtml takes place without the site owner learning custom website design using xhtml code.
We can create this kind of with various kinds of programming language like HTML, PHP, Python, ASP and so on.
You can also create your dynamic website website without having  any kind  of knowledge of programming language. Yes, We call it CMS system.
Now a days, CMS (Content Management System) is a very popular way to create dynamic website. And popular cms is wordpress.
Here I shall try to discuss all the system step by step.
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